Holiday Breaks

Every student is anxious for the holidays, whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas. These days are a time of relaxation and allow us to not have classes for significant amounts of time. However, just because there are no physical classes to attend, there sometimes is work left to do. Some professors make due dates right before breaks and some do not give major assignments around these holidays. Beware, there may be a professor who put that one assignment that you have been avoiding due the first day of class back. Make sure that you have looked closely at your assignments and confirmed that they are either finished or ready to turn in on the day back from your break. These assignments could easily be looked over, lowering much needed grades.


Finish Strong!

As we near the end of this semester, some of us are realizing that we could have put in a little more effort and some may have slacked quite a bit and realized that it is now too late to save your grades. You may be telling yourself that since the semester is nearly over and you have a few too many classes that are just a few points away from the next letter grade, that you might as well just slack off and take that grade. Well, I think you could still pull off a higher grade in at least one class if you apply yourself and work hard for the next few weeks. It is extremely easy to say that there is no hope and use that excuse to not finish strong, but if you actually take time to find the classes that are able to be salvaged and work hard, then you will be able to up your grades and be proud of yourself. Finish Strong!

Campus Police Doesn’t Like Speeder!

Recently, it appears that some of our tuition has gone to a new vehicle on campus. Officer Jackie Holmes is the proud new owner of a UMHB campus police SUV, and he loves using those lights. I was in the middle of explaining to a friend that there was a new campo vehicle and to watch out for it so he didn’t get a speeding ticket. Before I could finish telling my friend, Officer Holmes caught me going 40mph in a 30mph on Crusader Way, the road parallel with the train tracks. Officer Holmes is a very nice man and seems like he enjoys his job very much, he is also very understanding. However, he has a duty as an officer to keep the streets safe from speed demons like me! So, if you have a friend in the car, assign them to warn you about police cars parked around campus. Or you could just not speed, which is the better option because there are lots of places for them to hide and see you before you see them.

Money Management

When you are on your own and constantly going out with your friends, it can get really easy to lose track of your money if you do not have a plan, or remember where you have spent your money. So here are a few ways to either keep track of what you have spent, or how to manage your bank account. First, you should check your account transactions at least once every week. This sheet records anytime you have used your credit or debit card, where you used it, and how much you spent. This can be printed out in order to have a physical copy if you want it in your room. Second, give yourself an amount of money that you can afford to spend every week. For instance, if your friends like to eat out three times a week, you will be spending about thirty dollars on food alone. If that is too much, then only allot yourself fifteen dollars for eating out. Finally, if you need to go buy something, you should check other stores for prices or look online. If you are in-store and see something for thirty dollars, it could probably be found online for fifteen. It is usually best to check a few stores or even thrift shops, before buying something spur of the moment.

Laundry Day

Recently I have found that it is really hard for me to find an empty washer or dryer after I have already taken my clothes to the laundry room. Once a washing machine opens up, all of the dryers are then taken. There never seems to be an empty spot unless you do your laundry at two in the morning, which means you have to stay up until four to keep them from wrinkling. So here’s a tip to always have a dryer. Whenever you put your clothing in the washing machine, as soon as you start it, also go and turn an empty dryer on if there is one. Now while your clothes are being washed, you have previously saved yourself a dryer. Now, whenever you are ready to move them into a dryer, it will be open, and already warmed up, speeding up the drying time.


Whataburger is pretty good. Actually, it is the best place to get food and has the best tasting fast food compared to any other restaurant. In fact, I have heard that there are few things that make a college student happier than midnight runs for a burger or honey butter chicken biscuit. I see someone eating Whataburger every single day and  anyone who comes into contact with them while they are eating instantly wants to go and get their self a meal. And whenever someone has just finished a Whataburger meal, there is a rumor that you can smell exactly what they ate for up to two hours or until their next shower. As awesome as Whataburger is, it is not the best choice for everyday food, or even weekly food  due to it’s high levels of grease. Any student should limit their Whataburger intake to at most once every week, and its probably best to keep it to a bimonthly routine. Not only is it damaging to the body if eaten too often, but it will drain your bank account faster than buying gas and groceries combined. Some might say that $8 isn’t too bad for a good meal, but whenever you can eat free on campus, those $8 meals will add up. If you eat it every other week, by the end of a calender year, you will have spent over $200 on Whataburger alone. So as long as you maintain moderation, your body and bank account will continue to live on for another year.


You’re ready to go to bed, already took a shower and ate, until you remember that you have a quiz due by midnight tonight. You are tempted to skip it and watch Netflix or just go straight to bed, but your GPA is crying out for you to take a shot at it. You skim through the book looking for any word for word answers you can get, but those only account for ten percent of the questions. You finish the quiz with minutes to spare and find out that you have scored four out of ten questions correctly. Too bad that sixty percent will be dropping your grade to a low B with no chance of a letter grade change before the semester ends. Now you are thinking that you wish you could turn back time and do the quiz correctly, however, when the next one rolls around you do the exact same thing. So whenever you have an assignment coming up that needs attention, please remember to get it done asap, and not wait until the last minute.

Transitioning to College Life