Don’t forget to Study!

As you have already eased into school and finally have a consistent routine, there are some things you need to be careful about regarding to classes. The first warning is to study plenty. A lot of studies show that the best ratio of class time to study time is, for every hour in class, you should do about two hours of homework or studying. The amount of time in class gives the student a basic understanding of what is being taught. The lecture being taught is very broad and does not give but a fraction of information that is in the chapter of the textbook. The notes taken by the student is no more information than what is being said, but rather a version of the professor’s lecture that the student writes to better understand the meaning. Then, the study time comes in. This study time is used to examine what the professor said while lecturing and putting that together with the student’s notes. It also is utilized for reading the chapters being covered by the lecture and putting all of those detailed notes from the book into your own notes. This study time is for you to expand on what is said in class. It uses the broad information and turns it into detailed notes and most assignments have lots of this detailed information that you would skip over if you don’t study outside of class.


5 thoughts on “Don’t forget to Study!”

  1. ye, I don’t forget to study. In the China, it is old said:“never too old to learn”. In the school, we can study the knowledge,but in the society ,we can study how to do a good man.


  2. I take notes, but they are not in the best sense organized that well which gets me confused. Do you have any advice on how to layout notes better? Or take notes better from professors who just lecture? Because most professors I have gone through who just lecture don’t like to go by the book for the most part.


  3. I definitely don’t follow these guidelines. I should, but with sports, class, eating and sleeping, its hard to spend even more time studying. Its bad to admit it, but first step to success is admitting the truth.


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