Money Management

When you are on your own and constantly going out with your friends, it can get really easy to lose track of your money if you do not have a plan, or remember where you have spent your money. So here are a few ways to either keep track of what you have spent, or how to manage your bank account. First, you should check your account transactions at least once every week. This sheet records anytime you have used your credit or debit card, where you used it, and how much you spent. This can be printed out in order to have a physical copy if you want it in your room. Second, give yourself an amount of money that you can afford to spend every week. For instance, if your friends like to eat out three times a week, you will be spending about thirty dollars on food alone. If that is too much, then only allot yourself fifteen dollars for eating out. Finally, if you need to go buy something, you should check other stores for prices or look online. If you are in-store and see something for thirty dollars, it could probably be found online for fifteen. It is usually best to check a few stores or even thrift shops, before buying something spur of the moment.


3 thoughts on “Money Management”

  1. I work at a credit union so everything you said was pretty accurate. The most important thing a college student besides getting good grades is keeping up wit hour money. It will help you late on in life and also keep you out of embarrassing situations since you can decide you are able to do something or not instead of just hoping you can and taking the chance by swiping that card.


  2. Keeping up with money in college has been a struggle, I have the app on my phone and I don’t even take advantage of it! I really need to start paying more attention to my money management.


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