Time To Go To Bed

How many times have you looked at your phone and saw it was only midnight and after saying one more game or one more episode, you realize it is now three in the morning? Well, if that happens more than once during the school week, you should probably save Netflix for the next day. For most college students, it is already hard enough to wake up at ten, but even harder if you have eight or nine a.m.’s Most mornings I find myself waking up to my alarm, turning them all off and going back to sleep, only to find myself rushing to class that I am almost late to. The best plan is to save those late nights for the weekend or for the days when you don’t have class until ten, or else you will have a bad day. Try not to play pool or ping pong until four in the morning, or let season seven of Grey’s Anatomy wait until tomorrow afternoon. Right now those things seem like no big deal, but after a straight week of late nights, it could begin to affect your grades.


Time Management

The biggest struggle of most incoming freshmen is having a schedule and being able to utilize it correctly. Especially since now there are so many more people to make dates with, more sporting events, and lots of student organizations. Sometimes we forget that we are here to receive an education and instead pay tuition to live on our own and have fun, but that is not the case. First step to managing your time is to have a calendar whether it is an electronic one provided by the school or one you can hang up. Use this to write important dates and assignment and set aside specific times to do work. The second tip is to do all of your work as early as possible. I’m speaking from experience when I say that I have gone an entire day without doing my work, then spending the rest of the day until midnight with friends and had to come back and finish assignments in the early morning, and it’s NOT fun. I also have finished work early and had all the time in the world and that option feels SO much better. The third and final tip is to learn to say no every once in a while. When your friends group text comes in and everyone is ready to go eat and spend the night in a neighboring city it’s really hard to deny the opportunity, but sometimes you have to watch out for yourself. As long as you are organized, hardworking and care about your grades, you shouldn’t have a problem. However, if you follow these steps, you can make your college life much less stressful.

Don’t forget to Study!

As you have already eased into school and finally have a consistent routine, there are some things you need to be careful about regarding to classes. The first warning is to study plenty. A lot of studies show that the best ratio of class time to study time is, for every hour in class, you should do about two hours of homework or studying. The amount of time in class gives the student a basic understanding of what is being taught. The lecture being taught is very broad and does not give but a fraction of information that is in the chapter of the textbook. The notes taken by the student is no more information than what is being said, but rather a version of the professor’s lecture that the student writes to better understand the meaning. Then, the study time comes in. This study time is used to examine what the professor said while lecturing and putting that together with the student’s notes. It also is utilized for reading the chapters being covered by the lecture and putting all of those detailed notes from the book into your own notes. This study time is for you to expand on what is said in class. It uses the broad information and turns it into detailed notes and most assignments have lots of this detailed information that you would skip over if you don’t study outside of class.

Find Some Friends

As you continue to get settled into the college life, you should have already met some, or quite a few new people and made some friends. You want to meet about five or so people who you can become very good friends with and get really close with each other. These friends will be a life saver during the year for a number of reasons.However, don’t find five people and be finished with making new friends, because there are always new people to meet. These friends will be able to help you with school work, emotional struggles, or just general favors. They will also give you things to do during those days you have free time. It’s important to have company that can always be at your feet when you are in need of something. These things could be school struggles, emotional problems, or just favors in general. This crowd can also create lots of adventure. Don’t just use each other when you need it, but have fun together. You can go out to eat, go to sporting events(which are lots of fun with friends) and explore the nearby towns, like Austin, together. This close knit group of friends will be one of the best things you could do while at college, so go get some.

First week of college, now what?

Finally, you’ve made it to move-in week. Time to fill your dorm with everything you have acquired for the past several months. Once you have organized the room and your parents leave, you look your roommate in the eyes and both ask,”What now?” This is the freedom you have wanted since high school and you suddenly your confused.I found that there are three steps to take your first week of school that will help you for the entire year. The first thing to do is to get involved. The first involvement should be to meet other new students. Introduce yourself to as many people possible because this will open you up to many possible friends. The second step is to meet upperclassman. These students have already experienced what is happening and have LOTS of connections across campus organizations, students, and professors. The third step is to have fun. The first week of school is just activities to slowly wade you into what will soon transition from fourteen hours of free time to eight hours of school and work. If you follow these three steps, you should have a much easier transition and a lot more opportunities.

Transitioning to College Life