Campus Police Doesn’t Like Speeder!

Recently, it appears that some of our tuition has gone to a new vehicle on campus. Officer Jackie Holmes is the proud new owner of a UMHB campus police SUV, and he loves using those lights. I was in the middle of explaining to a friend that there was a new campo vehicle and to watch out for it so he didn’t get a speeding ticket. Before I could finish telling my friend, Officer Holmes caught me going 40mph in a 30mph on Crusader Way, the road parallel with the train tracks. Officer Holmes is a very nice man and seems like he enjoys his job very much, he is also very understanding. However, he has a duty as an officer to keep the streets safe from speed demons like me! So, if you have a friend in the car, assign them to warn you about police cars parked around campus. Or you could just not speed, which is the better option because there are lots of places for them to hide and see you before you see them.


3 thoughts on “Campus Police Doesn’t Like Speeder!”

  1. Surprisingly I haven’t got pulled over yet and I’ve speed quite a few times and in some cases maybe would be more than a ticket, but quite a few of my friends have received tickets. I think I’ll tell my family members as well and give them a warning.


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