Whataburger is pretty good. Actually, it is the best place to get food and has the best tasting fast food compared to any other restaurant. In fact, I have heard that there are few things that make a college student happier than midnight runs for a burger or honey butter chicken biscuit. I see someone eating Whataburger every single day and  anyone who comes into contact with them while they are eating instantly wants to go and get their self a meal. And whenever someone has just finished a Whataburger meal, there is a rumor that you can smell exactly what they ate for up to two hours or until their next shower. As awesome as Whataburger is, it is not the best choice for everyday food, or even weekly food  due to it’s high levels of grease. Any student should limit their Whataburger intake to at most once every week, and its probably best to keep it to a bimonthly routine. Not only is it damaging to the body if eaten too often, but it will drain your bank account faster than buying gas and groceries combined. Some might say that $8 isn’t too bad for a good meal, but whenever you can eat free on campus, those $8 meals will add up. If you eat it every other week, by the end of a calender year, you will have spent over $200 on Whataburger alone. So as long as you maintain moderation, your body and bank account will continue to live on for another year.


6 thoughts on “Whataburger!”

  1. Whataburger is bae. I don’t eat there very often because I did my freshmen year in college and gained a lot of weight. When I do go there, though, it’s like I’m reunited with my long-lost love.


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