You’re ready to go to bed, already took a shower and ate, until you remember that you have a quiz due by midnight tonight. You are tempted to skip it and watch Netflix or just go straight to bed, but your GPA is crying out for you to take a shot at it. You skim through the book looking for any word for word answers you can get, but those only account for ten percent of the questions. You finish the quiz with minutes to spare and find out that you have scored four out of ten questions correctly. Too bad that sixty percent will be dropping your grade to a low B with no chance of a letter grade change before the semester ends. Now you are thinking that you wish you could turn back time and do the quiz correctly, however, when the next one rolls around you do the exact same thing. So whenever you have an assignment coming up that needs attention, please remember to get it done asap, and not wait until the last minute.


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