Find Some Friends

As you continue to get settled into the college life, you should have already met some, or quite a few new people and made some friends. You want to meet about five or so people who you can become very good friends with and get really close with each other. These friends will be a life saver during the year for a number of reasons.However, don’t find five people and be finished with making new friends, because there are always new people to meet. These friends will be able to help you with school work, emotional struggles, or just general favors. They will also give you things to do during those days you have free time. It’s important to have company that can always be at your feet when you are in need of something. These things could be school struggles, emotional problems, or just favors in general. This crowd can also create lots of adventure. Don’t just use each other when you need it, but have fun together. You can go out to eat, go to sporting events(which are lots of fun with friends) and explore the nearby towns, like Austin, together. This close knit group of friends will be one of the best things you could do while at college, so go get some.


One thought on “Find Some Friends”

  1. I think your right about developing a good friend group and experiencing all the things in college you can do with them. Friends definitely come in handy in good and bad situations. It’s important to be open to new things and new friends.


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