First week of college, now what?

Finally, you’ve made it to move-in week. Time to fill your dorm with everything you have acquired for the past several months. Once you have organized the room and your parents leave, you look your roommate in the eyes and both ask,”What now?” This is the freedom you have wanted since high school and you suddenly your confused.I found that there are three steps to take your first week of school that will help you for the entire year. The first thing to do is to get involved. The first involvement should be to meet other new students. Introduce yourself to as many people possible because this will open you up to many possible friends. The second step is to meet upperclassman. These students have already experienced what is happening and have LOTS of connections across campus organizations, students, and professors. The third step is to have fun. The first week of school is just activities to slowly wade you into what will soon transition from fourteen hours of free time to eight hours of school and work. If you follow these three steps, you should have a much easier transition and a lot more opportunities.


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